coming up on gameday against Syracuse and Purdue is getting healthy

As you guys know, Syrcause is our next opponent and they are down two huge key players in Orande Gadsen and David Wohlabaugh. Meanwhile for Purdue, it seems some of our players are getting healthy, the depth chart was released earlier this week, and it showed Gus Hartwig is the starting center, though Walters was not entirely sure on his condition heading into this saturday. But if Hartwig is healthy enough to play on saturday, then that is huge for us, because he is all B1G center, so him anchoring our O-line would be a huge help. and Garrett miller also seems to be getting healthy as he is also playing as our starting tight end. see, Max Klare is fine, good hands, but he just could not block if he had a gun pointed at his head. Garrett Miller on the other hand, has good hands, not the fastest, but very good blocking ability. so if he's anchoring the TE position, then that will definitely change the complexion of this offense. and if the defense plays like they did last week, then I feel like we have a great chance against the Orange.

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