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Boiler Alert - The BUDS Talk Virginia Tech

We close the book on this game.

Purdue v Virginia Tech Photo by Ryan Hunt/Getty Images

The BUDS (Boiler Up Down South) from Boiler Alert are back in action to finalize the game against Virginia Tech. It was a great win for Purdue so why not relive it one more time?

Drew and Garrett are talking about all things scheme and what they saw that worked and didn’t against the Hokies. If you’re looking to get more knowledgable about football this is definitely the podcast for you as these guys really do break down the film and what they saw during the game. If you’re more of a ball watcher this is the podcast for you to learn about the unseen things that go on around a play.

Give the guys a listen and remember that new episodes of their show come out Tuesday and Friday with Ryan and I having our show released on Monday and Thursday. All you’ve got to do is subscribe so you never miss a moment.