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Ryan Walters Press Conference - Syracuse Game Week

Injuries, victories, and delays.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 09 Purdue at Virginia Tech Photo by Brian Bishop/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Ryan Walters stepped up to the microphone today to talk about his team’s victory over Virginia Tech, the weather delay, and of course look ahead to Syracuse. Let’s check out some of the highlights shall we?

Ryan Walters said to start the year that he didn’t have any questions about his team that instead he wanted to confirm some things he knew. Today at his presser he said that one of those things “was just when adversity struck is how we would respond” given the newness of the staff and locker room.

A questioner pointed out that Purdue is just one of two Big Ten teams without a turnover so far this season. Walters was not aware but said “that was one of our goals going into the game was just to win the turnover margin.” Ball security has been very good for this team. Mockobee of course had the one fumble but Purdue scooped that up.

When Purdue released their depth chart this week, starting center Gus Hartwig was back atop at the center position. Does this mean he’s going to play? Walters was noncommittal. “I don’t know if he will play or not Saturday. We’ve got to trust the docs and trust where he’s at in the rehab process, but I can guarantee you when he’s ready to play, he’s going to play.”

Looking ahead to Syracuse Walters discussed the defense that they prefer to run “that 3-3 stack — 3-3-5 defense and brings pressure 50 percent of the time and is always moving up front.” Seems like this would be the type of defense that having a mobile QB in Hudson Card and a healthy Gus Hartwig could make a huge difference.

Walters was asked if this win will get the proverbial monkey off his back, maybe relieve some pressure and allow him to just focus more on football and he gave a pretty good answer that I’m going to provide in full.

No, the goal was never to get just the first one. It’s to go get them every week.

I didn’t put any added pressure going into week 2 with dropping week 1. It’s just the preparation and the routine week in and week out is going to be the same, no matter who we’re playing or what’s at stake.

I think if you approach it that way, you can be consistent. You can be level-headed for your team. I don’t want to be up and down or put too much into our too little into any opponent or any week.

That’s what I found interesting in this week’s press conference. Feel free to read the entire thing for yourself right here.