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Xs and Ohs! - Virginia Tech Edition

A name change, but the same great content.

Purdue v Virginia Tech
Giving the specialists some love.
Photo by Ryan Hunt/Getty Images

You may have heard that the website formerly known as Twitter has been purchased and is now X, a simply horrendous name in my opinion but then again I am not a billionaire so take my suggestions with a grain of salt. You may also know that we have historically shared our favorite tweets from game day the Monday after a football game known as In Tweets. Well, Twitter is gone and it ain’t comin’ back! As much as I’ll still call it Stadium Dining Court, most of you will still call it Deer Creek, and it’ll always be Burma to J. Peterman that site and app will always be Twitter to me. But for those who eat at Ford, see music at Ruoff Music Center, and visit Myanmar I decided to rename this article. This article is of course a play on words for the excellent Ellie King song Ex’s and Oh’s and the new name of Twitter. I promise it’s a great name. You’ll get used to it.

With that out of the way let’s take a look at some great Xs and Ohs! shall we?

This tweet pretty much sums up every Purdue fan once the game constantly shifted locations.