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Big Ten Power Rankings: Week 0

Jed and I discuss our Power Rankings before the first B1G games and we show what you think, too.

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Week 0 Power Rankings

Welcome back everyone! It’s like the first day back to class after summer vacation and we are the new teachers. We did have some summer assignments when we sent out a poll to submit your own power rankings for Week 0 and we have the average fan vote today. Just a reminder, we will be releasing a new Google Form weekly on Sundays via X / Twitter so that you can be a part of the weekly fan rankings. Each week, the poll will close on Wednesday night, so you’ll have 3 full days to submit a ranking.

This week, Jed and I will give you our rankings and a brief blurb about the team. Then we’ll show what you, the fans, think in your rankings and lastly, as an added treat, we will have a bonus ranking each week where we give you team comparisons. This week is TV shows. Let’s get to it!

*These are our pre-Minnesota / Nebraska rankings

Ryan’s Rankings

  1. Michigan (-)

This is likely the best Michigan team under Captain Khaki.

2. Ohio St (-)

Is Ohio State ever outside the top 2?

3. Penn St (-)

James Franklin is poised for a big year but a lot hinges on Drew Allar.

4. Wisconsin (-)

Luke Fickell and Tanner Mordecai come in and reload the Badgers.

5. Iowa (-)

IF Cade McNamara is healthy, he and the Iowa defense could go far.

6. Purdue (-)

Is this a homer pick? Probably. But Hudson Card could be a top 3 QB.

7. Maryland (-)

Big expectations for Taulia Tagovailoa but likely the 4th best East team.

8. Illinois (-)

Lots of key losses on both sides and coaching. How will Bert respond?

9. Minnesota (-)

Athan Kaliakmanis is the only returning West starter, so there’s that.

10. Michigan St (-)

Can we just admit that Mel Tucker pulled off one of the best heists ever?

11. Nebraska (-)

Matt Rhule is supposed to save Nebraska football. Scott Frost was too.

12. Rutgers (-)

Greg Schiano is doing his best, but Rutgers is still a punching bag.

13. Indiana (-)

Tom Allen still has a job?? Can’t spell Loosiers without L, E, and O.

14. Northwestern (-)

Can’t even claim to be current Irish National Champions anymore.

Jed’s Rankings

  1. Michigan (-)
  2. Ohio St (-)
  3. Penn St (-)
  4. Iowa (-)
  5. Illinois (-)
  6. Maryland (-)
  7. Wisconsin (-)
  8. Purdue (-)
  9. Michigan St (-)
  10. Minnesota (-)
  11. Nebraska (-)
  12. Rutgers (-)
  13. Indiana (-)
  14. Northwestern (-)

The B1G is as divided a division as possible with a very clear top and bottom with a middle so muddy it would make Pigpen happy.

UM and OSU are clearly the class of thr conference while Rutgers, Indiana, and Northwestern are at the bottom to start the season. It’s the middle, where mediocrity reigns supreme, that could provide us some great B1G football this fall.

Is there a big difference from watch Purdue, Minnesota, Wisconsin, or MSU? Probably not and we definitely don’t know that in Week 1. Truly, this is like hopping onto Netflix, letting it choose something for you from the ‘suggested’ part, and praying it’ll turn out ok.

Fan’s Rankings

  1. Michigan (-)

Avg rank: 1.36

2. Ohio St (-)

Avg rank: 1.79

3. Penn St (-)

Avg rank: 3.08

4. Wisconsin (-)

Avg rank: 4.32

5. Iowa (-)

Avg rank: 5.36

6. Purdue (-)

Avg rank: 7.29

7. Maryland (-)

Avg rank: 7.53

8. Minnesota (-)

Avg rank: 8.03

9. Illinois (-)

Avg rank: 8.11

10. Michigan St (-)

Avg rank: 9.25

11. Nebraska (-)

Avg rank: 10.05

12. Rutgers (-)

Avg rank: 12.08

13. Indiana (-)

Avg rank: 13.15

14. Northwestern (-)

Avg rank: 13.58

Big Ten Teams as TV Shows

  1. Michigan - Friends

Consistent success and arguably the best.

2. Ohio St - Planet Earth

Because everything revolves around them.

3. Penn St - The Sopranos

Always seems shady.

4. Wisconsin - Game of Thrones

Massively successful but a twist ending kind of ruined it.

5. Iowa - Breaking Bad

An old man and his assistant. Huge family dynamic.

6. Purdue - Star Trek

Really good in the 60’s and keeps trying to come back.

7. Maryland - Deadliest Catch

The waters have been choppy at times and crabs too.

8. Minnesota - Two and a Half Men

Featuring a weird man that nobody really likes.

9. Illinois - The Simpsons

Longtime member with few hits lately.

10. Michigan St - The Walking Dead

Used to be a big deal but now it’s dragging.

11. Nebraska - Roseanne

Big hit in the 90’s but total dumpster fire recently.

12. Rutgers - Young Sheldon

Original was better. Lucky to be on the same network.

13. Indiana - Rick and Morty

Made for drunk college kids.

14. Northwestern - The Price is Right

Longtime face lost this year.