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The Boiler Alert Podcast - Quick Thoughts on Conference Expansion

Ryan and I talk through these changes.

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Media Day Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We didn’t plan to record another episode of the Boiler Alert podcast until this Sunday but situations change. Plans change. The world decided that the Big Ten needed to add two additional teams and so Ryan and I hopped on the mics last night to get you up to date on the news.

First we set the table about who is moving where. Poor Pac-12 is left with the scraps of their own conference. I mean at this point, what is Cal gonna do? Gonna be a weird year for them for example.

Second, we talk about what this means for Purdue and let you know our thoughts on this. There’s no real roadmap for what this means for the conference. Sure, the Big Ten has expanded before but this feels different. This feels like some of the last moves in this gigantic reordering we’ve been going through.

Finally, we speculate on what the Big Ten does next. Give us a listen, share with your friends, give us a rating or review.