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Purdue Depth Chart: Offense

For the first time in a few years...WE HAVE A DEPTH CHART!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 02 Cheez-It Citrus Bowl Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In a departure from the previous regime, Ryan Walters and Purdue released an official depth chart for the opener!

Game 1 - Fresno State Depth Chart


#1 - Hudson Card - R-Jr. - 6’3”, 210

#18 - Bennett Meredith - R-Fr. - 6’3”, 210


Only surprise is Meredith as the back-up. Looks like he’s not suspended for the opener.


#45 - Devin Mockobee - R-So. - 6’0”, 200

#3 - Tyrone Tracy Jr. - 5th - 6’1”, 210

#22 - Dylan Downing - Sr. - 6’0”, 225


Tracy not listed as “or” with Downing is interesting. Looks like Tyrone’s the next man up. He adds an interesting wrinkle to the running back room after playing his entire college career at wide receiver. The decision to move him back to his high school position appears to have worked.


#4 - Deion Burks - R-So. - 5’11”, 195

#9 - Mershawn Rice - R-Sr. - 6’2”, 215


No surprise here.


#2 - Abdur-Rahmaan Yassen - R-Jr. - 6’2”, 200

#0 - Jayden Dixon-Veal - Jr. - 6’0”, 185


Dixon-Veal was a late JuCo add and is already on the depth chart. That’s either good because Dixon-Veal is ready or bad because some of the returning guys aren’t.


#8 - TJ Sheffield - R-Sr. - 5’11”, 190

#5 - Elijah Canion - R-Jr. - 6’4”, 220


No surprises here. Purdue is starting a tiny receiver group. I’ll be interested to see how they utilize Canion. I like his potential as a jump ball receiver but he can’t seem to stay healthy. Maybe limiting his snaps and using him in special situations will help keep him available.


#86 - Max Klare - R-Fr. - 6’4, 245

#82 - Drew Biber - R-So. - 6’5”, 245


#89 - Paul Piferi - R-Sr. - 6’5”, 260


According to Coach Walters, the plan was for Garrett Miller to miss the opener. Piferi was tight end 2 last season, and that’s still his best role. Max Klare is the most well rounded tight end after Miller and draws the first start of his career. Biber is ready to go after dealing with some dings in camp, interesting to see him split tight end 2 with Piferi. Also, I don’t remember Paul being this big last season.


#77 - Mahamane Moussa - R-So. - 6’4”, 310


#73 - Daniel Johnson - 6th - 6’6”, 320


#64 - Ben Farrell - Gr. - 6’4”, 310


The story here is Moussa’s health. He’s been fighting a lower leg injury. Johnson is coming back from a season ending knee injury last season. I’m guessing Farrell is the “break in case of emergency” left tackle. We’ll know more on Thursday when the injury report comes out.


#52 - Preston Nichols - 6th - 6’2”, 290


#55 - Malachi Preciado - R-Fr. - 6’1”, 310


Preciado jumping up and getting the “or” designation is good news Purdue. Nichols is a solid guard and as far as I know, he’s healthy. Developing a young guard like Preciado is crucial for the 2024 season.


#54 - Josh Kaltenberger - R-Jr. - 6’5”, 300


#58 - Austin Johnson - R-Jr. - 6’4”, 305


# 68 - Jimmy Liston - Fr. - 6’3”, 295


Again, this is an injury issue. Long time starter Gus Hartwig is still recovering from off season surgery. Kaltenberger has been out with a lower leg injury. He starts if he’s healthy. Austin Johnson is a somewhat experienced option, but like Preciado getting a piece of left guard, Jimmy Liston making the depth chart at center is a good sign for the future.


#75 - Jalen Grant - Sr.- 6’3”, 300

#74 - Luke Griffin - R-Sr. - 6’5”, 330


Nothing unexpected here.


#63 - Marcus Mbow - R-So. - 6’5”, 305

#64 - Ben Farrell - Gr. - 6’4”, 310


Farrell started his college athletics career as a golfer at Cornerstone University before transferring to Indiana Wesleyan to play football, and subsequently transferring to Purdue for a graduate year of football is a wild college career arc. Also, I want see him hit a golf ball at 6’4”, 310.


Things could be better for the offense. Miller missing the opener makes me worried. Coach Walters didn’t seem overly concerned, but man, that’s a long rehab for an ACL these days. I’m sure Miller attacked his rehab but you’ve got to wonder what else is going on in that knee.

The offensive line is a mess. It’s possible Purdue starts the season without their first choice left tackle and center, arguably the two most important positions on the line. I do like the two young guys making their debut on the depth chart. There’s going to be a ton of turnover after this season and I’d prefer to avoid having to constantly find starters in the portal. Offense line is all about cohesion, and plugging in new 1 year guys every year means you have to reset the process every season. It’s hard to build a consistent line that way.