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Welcome To Football Season!

A quick note from the Hammer and Rails regime.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 19 Northwestern at Purdue Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Boilermaker football is back baby!

Here at Hammer and Rails, we’ve been in the lab all off-season scheming. Last year, Ledman and I abruptly took over from Travis in-season. The process of hiring an entirely new staff and getting everyone up to speed while games were being played didn’t give us any time to think about how we wanted to cover football. While you’ll see the same tried and true content you’ve enjoyed over the years, we’re excited to put our own stamp on football coverage at Hammer and Rails this season.

The basic week-to-week plan is to spend Monday and Tuesday breaking down the previous game, and transitioning to the next opponent on Wednesday. The goal is to provide y’all with easy to digest and entertaining analysis, at the low, low price of 0 dollars. We appreciate you hanging with us while we worked out the bugs last football and basketball season. While I can’t promise there won’t be bugs this year, I think (hope) we’ve got most things sorted out.

Obviously week 1 is going to look a little different because we don’t have anything to review. We’ve held back our position previews for the start of this week to give y’all plenty of content to get your college football juices flowing. You’ll see the new stuff we have planned next week when we’ve got an actual game to breakdown.

I’ll keep this short because I’ve got more things to write than I’ve got time to write them this week. I want to thank everyone that’s hung with us at Hammer and Rails over the years and welcome anyone that’s joining us for the first time. If nothing else, this should be an exciting season with plenty of things to talk about.

Thanks again for stopping by. We hope you enjoy our coverage this season, and if you do, we hope you’ll continue to spread Hammer and Rails word. Now let’s talk some football!