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Draft Kings: Over/Under on Purdue Wins

Can Purdue reach 6 wins this season?

Syndication: Journal-Courier Noe Padilla / USA TODAY NETWORK

It’s still week 0 for Purdue football but since the kind folks at Draft Kings decided to partner with us again we get an early look at some betting odds. Andrew and Drew showed the Heisman odds as well as Purdues chances on winning the Big Ten earlier this week but I’m going to dive in on Purdue’s regular season wins. Draft Kings has the over/under for the Boilers at over 5.5 +145/under 5.5 +165.

Let’s take a quick look at the schedule to see where I think Purdue can fall on that and my opinion on which way you should bet.

Fresno State @ Purdue

Purdue @ Virginia Tech

Syracuse @ Purdue

Wisconsin @ Purdue

Illinois @ Purdue

Purdue @ Iowa

Ohio state @ Purdue

Purdue @ Nebraska

Purdue @ Michigan

Minnesota @ Purdue

Purdue @ Northwestern

Indiana @ Purdue

I know there is still some question marks coming in with this team with all the changes that happened this off-season and a pretty grueling schedule with Ohio State and Michigan in the mix. With just a quick glance at the schedule I don’t think Purdue getting 6 wins is insurmountable by any means.

Northwestern, IU and Minnesota are all at home and should be winnable games. So even If they drop an early non-conference game they still have a few opportunities to get to 6.

They got Iowa and Nebraska on the road. We’ve had Iowa’s number a few times but I’m going to say we drop this one. Nebraska is one I think we could steal. I know the Cornhuskers have already claimed they won the conference this year but like a similar team down south, champions of the off-season doesn’t count.

Illinois will also be an interesting game; they have kind of become a rival to us in some aspects, they will be playing at Ross-Ade, not to mention Walters was their former DC. Weird things happen in games like these and honestly, I like Purdues chances with that one.

We can just go ahead and toss Michigan aside, that will probably be a blood bath.

That leaves Ohio State and Wisconsin left, both top teams in the Big Ten this year. And well, you can easily write both those off as losses and they probably will be I seem to remember Purdue knocking off a big upset before at home against one of those teams. And let’s be honest, it’s Purdue, we will probably lose one we should have won and win won we shouldn’t.

I’d personally take the over with this bet. While winning 6 games won’t be a walk in the park I think Purdue has enough weapons and firepower to do it. But I’m just fan, don’t come for me with torches if you lose your savings over this. Bet responsibly.

Odds/lines subject to change. T&Cs apply. See for details