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Report: Purdue Football Games Against Ohio State and Minnesota Get Kickoff Times

Were the schedulers smart and put OSU against Purdue at night?

NCAA Football: Big Ten Football Media Day
How many Fleck bucks do I need to get Peacock?
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Well, it seems like someone in the Ohio State athletic department finally got to the people in the scheduling office of the Big Ten. Despite our hopes and dreams that Purdue vs. Ohio State in Ross-Ade would be at night, Brett McMurphy of the Action Network is reporting that’s not the case. He’s got the scoop on when the games against not only Ohio State but also Minnesota will be.

That’s right folks, nooners both of them.

October 14th - Ohio State at Purdue Noon (Fox)

November 11th - Minnesota at Purdue Noon (Peacock)

While Purdue fans obviously were hoping for a night game against Ohio State, for obvious reasons, it’s important to note that much like the earlier slate of game times that were announced these are not set in stone. The networks have the ability to flex games so it could all depend on what other games fall on that day and if these games rise in importance/stakes. It makes for an interesting and possibly frustrating situation for fans planning travel but for networks it means more eyeballs. That hopefully translates into more money which lands back at Purdue.

And yes, this means you will have to get Peacock to watch Purdue football. I’m not trying to stump for Peacock here but if you’ve had Xfinity (Comcast) for something like 7 years and join their rewards program you can get Peacock for free. Might be time to look into that. It’s a good little tip.