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Boiler Alert Podcast - Braden Smith and Nebraska

Plus, Ryan gives possibly the worst answer for best fair food.

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There are times in life that feel like betrayals. Maybe you’ve been cheated on, maybe someone you thought you could trust stole from you, maybe you found out your favorite organic non-dairy soy latte was actually none of those things, and then there was what happened when Ryan and I recorded last night. With the state fair in full swing I wanted to ask Ryan the important questions, funnel cake or elephant ear, and what is your number one fair food? His answer shocked me to my core and I implore you to give it a listen and tell me how right I am and how wrong he is.

Then we talk new football uniforms, Purdue’s European trip (briefly), and Gene Keady’s HOF induction.

The bulk of the episode is spent continuing our offseason work talking about the basketball roster and the football schedule. On this episode we talk about Braden Smith and Nebraska. Ryan gives a fascinating look at the puts from Lincoln to Lincoln.

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