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Purdue Football: Uniform Alert!

Purdue will be going old-school to kick off the Ryan Walters era.

NFL: USA TODAY Sports-Archive RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

Gold helmet with a white stripe and black piping. Black jersey with bold white numbers with black piping and gold and white stripes on the sleeve. Gold pants with no stripe. Did I just describe the classic Tiller-era uniforms that everyone can picture Drew Brees in (before you saw it in the headline photo)? Yes. Did I also describe this year’s uniforms? You bet your behind!

The Ryan Walters era is already off to a hot start in the uniform department as the team announced the return of the classic uniforms to be worn this season. They are a modern version of the Tiller-era uniforms, including updated motion P and alternate locomotive logos. Most notably, the helmet has a different shade of gold to match the teams current brand. Overall, these uniforms provide a great balance of past and present and I think all fans can get behind them.

It’s not yet clear if Purdue will the white version of these uniforms for road games but we hear at Hammer and Rails will keep you updated. For now we can celebrate one final thing: no more cattle catchers on the home uniform shoulders!