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Purdue Basketball Headed to Arkansas for Charity Exhibition

Proceeds from the game support the United Way of Arkansas.

Syndication: Detroit Free Press Lily Smith / USA TODAY NETWORK

The official Purdue Basketball account on TWFKAT (The website formerly known as Twitter) officially announced an exhibition game set to take place in Arkansas with the proceeds going to The United Way of Arkansas in support of tornado relief. If you try to google Tornado and Arkansas you’ll see there have been tornados in March, April (21 dead), and June. They’ve had a really bad rash of severe weather these past few months.

Purdue of late has generally competed in a secret scrimmage with no fans and no reporting of what actually happened. It became a joke though as immediately afterwards stats and reporting of what happened at the game would trickle out. However, this season it looks like Purdue and Matt Painter are taking a different tact and trying to give back to a local community in the process. This is a great idea and one that I hope continues on in the future. $20 lower level tickets are a pretty good deal as well.