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Report: Purdue Football Scheduled for Three Night Games

Brett McMurphy and The Action Network have the NBC schedule.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the time of year when Purdue’s football schedule starts leaking out in drips and drabs. Today we got a bit of a flood and less of a drip. The NBC primetime schedule (pending flex) was leaked today. This according to Brett McMurphy and the folks over at The Action Network.

Thanks to the wonder that is Elon Musk’s Twitter X these are now a bit harder to see and the whole thing might not show up. It’s lovely. So, rather than relying on this alone I’ll go ahead and let you read the information on our beautiful website here that as of this writing is not owned by Elon Musk. Purdue has night games scheduled for the following opponents and dates:

  • September 30th - Illinois at Purdue 7:30 PM
  • October 7th - Purdue at Iowa 7:30 PM
  • November 4th - Purdue at Michigan 7:30 PM

While only one of these games is at home in the great atmosphere of Ross-Ade Stadium, night games are always fun no matter where they are. The game at Michigan, already one of the toughest on the schedule, got a bit tougher as the atmosphere is Michigan Stadium will be out of this world with over 100K Wolverines in attendance. Games at Iowa of course always have a pretty good atmosphere as well plus there’s the wave to the children’s hospital which is hard to beat. Iowa of course doesn’t play much offense so we will see if they play offense outside of normal business hours.

There is a huge caveat to this release and that was noted both above in the story and in the original tweet. There is a chance that these games could move depending on flex scheduling. For those of you that follow the NFL flex scheduling will be nothing new. For those that don’t, it allows the network the opportunity to change their scheduled game with another based upon there being a more attractive game to cover. Generally this has to be done so many days in advance and would obviously change up both the times and the networks of some of these games. This may be the new reality with the various TV networks hosting Big Ten games this year. Stay tuned to this site for any changes to the schedule as they come.