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Baptizing the Masses! Jon Octeus Returns to Men of Mackey

You know what video is included here don’t you?

NCAA Basketball: Illinois at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

We are always excited when Men of Mackey news comes out. Especially when it relates to a player as exciting and electric as Jon Octeus.

Octeus of course was a transfer into Purdue for one season but he made a mighty impact and is remembered very fondly by Boilermaker fans. He had some stand out moments during his time at Purdue but none stand out more than his dunk in Assembly Hall. You know the one.

What an absolutely perfect call on this dunk. I mean come on. Jon was Baptizing the Masses. Just chef’s kiss work right there. Makes the clip even more rewatchable because of that.

Octeus joins a Men of Mackey squad that already has David Jenkins Jr., Jacquil Taylor, Kelsey Barlow, Lewis Jackson, Nojel Eastern, and Robbie Hummel. It should make for an exciting appearance for them. TBT begins in just under a week in Dayton for first round games. More info can be found here.