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The Boiler Alert Podcast Talks Lance Jones and Wisconsin Football

Plus, Bluey makes me cry.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin - Spring Practice Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY Sports

The Boiler Alert podcast is back with you this week with Ryan and I behind the microphones.

Before we get into the serious stuff like Lance Jones and what he needs to do to maximize his time at Purdue and what Wisconsin will look like this year, Ryan indulges me by allowing me to talk about Bluey and sports and why a cartoon dog made me cry. Trust me, it happens more than you’d think. Also, if you don’t have kids I assume you don’t watch Bluey and that’s your loss. It’s a phenomenal show.

Once I’m done raving about a cartoon dog we get down to serious business. We look at Lance Jones career at SIU and see what he can bring to Purdue and what his role might be.

Finally, we continue our look at Purdue’s 2023 football opponents and we’ve finally landed on (dum dum dum) Wisconsin. My goodness if things click into place they could be scary. They’ve landed themselves a pretty good coach and have maybe reloaded from a down year that got their coach fired last year. Ryan gives us all the details and he does not inspire optimism in me. What about you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.