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Purdue Volleyball Announces Loaded Non-Conference Slate

This slate will be a challenge.

Syndication: Journal-Courier Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

The offseason means it’s time for schedule releases and a look ahead at next season. For the volleyball team that meant an announcement about their non-conference schedule and boy is it a killer.

This schedule includes 6 teams that are either ranked or receiving votes in the final Top 25 from the 2022 season. For those unaware of the heavy hitters in volleyball here is who is either receiving votes or was ranked at the end of last season.

  • Creighton 21 - Purdue faces them 8/27 at home
  • Kansas (receiving votes) - 8/31 at Kansas
  • Marquette 13 - 9/1 at Kansas
  • Kentucky 14 OR Houston 17 - Purdue faces the winner 9/9 at home
  • UCF 22 - 9/14 at home
  • USC (receiving votes) - 9/15 at home.

That’s an intimidating slate. Purdue has faced rather tough non-conference slates in recent years in an attempt to boost their RPI and help them come NCAA Tournament selection time. Coach Shondell and the rest of the staff know what they are doing so scheduling this type of out of conference slate knowing the team that they have signals confidence to me. This doesn’t even mention the meat grinder that is the B1G conference slate which is a whole other animal.

Get yourself to Holloway this year and support the team. You won’t be disappointed.