Big Ten leaning toward 'Flex Protect' scheduling model (FB)

Auerbach reported the Big Ten could opt for a "Flex Protect" format, which means teams will have a different number of annual opponents. In that model, teams would play between one and three permanent opponents each year to help protect some traditional rivalries. It would also mean the end of the East-West divisional format, which was reportedly likely to end after the 2023 season, anyway.

The Big Ten will still play nine conference games, but the "Flex Protect" model would create more flexibility for the annual schedule and keep "an eye toward competitive balance, home-and-away rotations and the specific challenges around West Coast travel for teams playing USC or UCLA," Auerbach wrote.

This would mean no divisions (thank god with 16 teams) but also means teams could have either 1, 2, or 3 protected rivalries depending on their history/rivalries. This is in opposition to the 3-6-6 model which would give every team a blanket 3 protected yearly rivalries and then rotate the other 6 teams on a yearly basis.

Personally this sounds great to me because Purdue would likely get stuck with a shit 3rd rivalry game like Rutgers or something. I'll take having more rotating opponents every year and only having real rivalries protected over faux rivalries.

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