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Who is the Most Electric Purdue Football Player of All Time?

The Boiler Alert podcast digs into the mailbag.

Nebraska v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

With the Zach Edey situation finally settled, and the countdown to kickoff for Purdue football solidly underway we now find ourselves in the strange zone of the offseason where everything feels so far away. There’s no real news coming out at this moment short of some transfer portal shenanigans because even though it’s technically closed there seem to be 100 different loopholes and ways around that fact. So, Ryan and I decided to take a journey into the mailbag and answer some listener questions. Here’s a few of the things we discuss:

  • Who is the most electric Purdue football player of all time?
  • What will the starting five be?
  • Where does TKR find himself in the rotation now with Edey back?
  • What about Brian Waddell?
  • What are the top five seafoods?
  • What is the best album of all time?
  • Let’s talk Ted Lasso because we love it so.

All this and much more, including a drink recommendation, on the latest episode of the Boiler Alert podcast.