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Purdue Men’s Basketball Announces (most) of Remaining Non-Conference Schedule

The Maui Invitational bracket is still missing.

Syndication: Notre Dame Insider Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

Purdue Men’s Basketball took to Twitter today to announce the vast majority of their remaining non-conference schedule. The Maui Invitational is the only outlier at this point with the rest of the schedule known.

Much of this we already knew including the games against Arizona in Indianapolis, Xavier in the Gavitt Games, and Alabama in The Great White North, but some of this is new. Just take a look at the slate that is mentioned in that tweet. Not exactly a cupcake of a non-conference. Should Purdue come through that series of games in good shape it should help them with a good seed come March. This is, again, not even including the opponents that Purdue will face in Hawaii which should include a murder’s row of talent.

Just as a reminder, the lineup for Maui includes Gonzaga, Kansas, Marquette, Syracuse, Tennessee, and UCLA, plus tournament host Chaminade. Each team in the tournament will play four games so Purdue is bound to get some pretty good opponents out of that bracket that is still TBA.

Overall, this non-conference schedule gives Purdue a ton of challenges, but maybe it’s best to look at it as plenty of opportunities. This team ended last season with a bad taste in their mouths. To get it out they’ve got a lot of work to do and a lot of opportunities to prove they belong. To prove last year was a fluke. To prove that this year is the year. It all starts in November against Samford.