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First Four Purdue Football Game Times Announced

TV Networks are also announced.

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The decision you’ve all been waiting for has finally come out. Via the team’s official Twitter account of course.

Oh wait, you thought I meant Zach Edey? Sorry, no, nothing there yet. However, we did get TV networks and start times for the first four Purdue football games of the Ryan Walters era. Let’s take a look at this one by one in a much easier to read format shall we?

Game 1 - Fresno State @ Purdue - Noon - Big Ten Network

This kickoff time just makes sense when you’re playing a team from California. Getting them to start a game at 9:00 AM their time might seem like a silly, tiny advantage that won’t mean anything but you just never know. Maybe it will make them sluggish to start the game. Fresno State is not a pushover and should give Purdue a heck of a game to start the year. It will be Ryan Walters first game as head coach at Purdue and it will be the first opportunity to show his new offensive and defensive schemes. Of the last four head coaches for Purdue football, Tiller, Hope, Hazell, and Brohm, only Danny Hope started his career off with a win. The other three all had losses. Hazell of course isn’t a surprise. So Walters will look to become just the second Purdue head coach in the modern era of Purdue football to start his career with a win.

Game 2 - Purdue at Virginia Tech - Noon - ESPN2

Walters and the Boilermakers head to Virginia Tech for the first road game of the season and it’s not exactly a pushover either. While this isn’t the Virginia Tech your daddy might remember they are still a team that can surprise. They finished last season 3-8. It should be another good test for this new Boilermaker team.

Game 3 - Syracuse at Purdue - 7:30 PM - NBC/Peacock

This is a game that should give Purdue fans, and the Purdue team, a mindset of revenge. Last season’s game was one that Purdue should have won about three different times before things really got away from them. Just an absolutely wild game, and fourth quarter in particular. The game being at home should give Purdue the edge.

Game 4 - Wisconsin at Purdue - 7:00 PM - FS1

Purdue’s fourth game of the year will be on their fourth different television network, and will be against the team’s biggest nemesis of the last 20 years; Wisconsin. We all know the history and the heartache. Will this season be any different? Who knows at this point. With three games under their belts the hope is that Walters will have the team humming. They’ll need to be if they are going to break the Wisconsin curse. I would love to win this one and put this losing streak behind us.