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Zach Edey - Will He Stay or Will He Go Now?

If he goes there will be trouble (for Purdue), if he stays there will be double (for opponents).

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To quote Kevin McCallister, “this is it, don’t get scared now.” Today is the day when Purdue basketball finds out if Zach Edey is returning to Purdue for a final season or headed off to the NBA Draft. He has until 11:59 PM to decide and maintain his eligibility.

We here at Hammer and Rails want Zach Edey to do whatever is right for him. He’s gone through the combine, had some individual workouts, and had a pro day. He’s done all he can to show the NBA he is ready. But does the reigning National Player of the Year fit in the modern NBA? That’s the only thing preventing me from thinking that he’s 100% gone. His skillset just doesn’t exactly fit with what the majority of the NBA is these days.

I think this is a hard decision with positives and negatives on both sides. Edey could actually wind up making more money if he stays at Purdue than getting drafted in the late second round.

Ryan and I discuss all this and more on today’s episode of the Boiler Alert podcast. Once an announcement is official Ryan and I will hop on the mics again and we will have additional coverage on the site including how this impacts the roster for next season and what each player will need to improve upon with/without Edey. Have a listen and stay tuned right here.