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The Boiler Alert Podcast - Should Purdue Implement a Zone Defense?

The age old question returns.

Syndication: Journal-Courier Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Boiler Alert podcast is back with you but it’s just me today as Ryan was unavailable. I still cover some interesting ground as news is coming out that former Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren may have made some errors in the latest Big Ten media rights deal that could cost the conference upwards of $75 million! That’s a big error right there.

Then I take a question from the mailbag about if Purdue should run a zone defense. To me, it can’t be something you just throw out there, you’ve gotta really believe it can be a difference maker and I’m not sure Painter and the rest of the staff want to devote the time to get the team ready for a second defense that they’ll play for MAYBE 5 minutes a game. It could have disastrous results.

Then, I wrap up talking about Gene Keady on his birthday and what he has meant to me and what he’s meant to Purdue. Plus, I throw in two stories of my personal interactions with the former Purdue head coach. Have a listen!