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The Boiler Alert Podcast Talks M.O.M.

The headline works in two ways.

Syndication: Journal-Courier Noe Padilla / USA TODAY NETWORK

Ryan and I are back in your feeds today to talk about M.O.M. That’s right we wanted to briefly talk about notable Purdue mom’s, we recorded on Mother’s Day after all. Plus we talk about the Men of Mackey (M.O.M.) so it works great for a Mother’s Day topic as well.
With Men of Mackey we go over the roster as we know it now and who we think this team could use. And it’s a complete failure on my part that I didn’t suggest David Jenkins Jr. seems like he would thrive in this environment.
We also discuss the Tiller tunnel and what changes we would like to see come with its introduction. Plus, Ryan makes me feel old by saying that he wasn’t even born in 1997. What a time. Whippersnapper.
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