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Should Matt Painter Go? A Different Take from a Different Voice

The wonderful and hilarious Megan Gailey joins me.

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Listen, I’ve heard the comments, I’ve heard the concerns, I know that Hammer and Rails, and the Boiler Alert podcast in particular, is too pro-Matt Painter. So I decided to bring on a special guest on this latest episode of the podcast. Purdue graduate, hilarious comedian, prolific podcaster, and all around wonderful person Megan Gailey hops on the podcast with me and she brings a different take to the Matt Painter discussion.

I’ve been a big fan of Megan Gailey for a few years now, it doesn’t hurt that she and I went to Purdue at the exact same time, and so when I saw her talking about Matt Painter on her sports podcast Megan Fun of Sports I thought it was worth it to bring her on to talk about it.

Megan was kind enough to come on and defend her position and we get into it for quite a bit of time. What a fun conversation.

Then we go on and talk about the current NIL issues facing women’s sports. Do you have to be a conventionally good looking woman in order to make any money in the world of NIL? Is that fair?

If you’re interested in learning more about Megan you can follow her on Twitter or Instagram and she will be coming to the Midwest in September.

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