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Ross-Ade Stadium Gets a Joe Tiller Upgrade

The beloved Coach will have his name forever attached to the stadium he helped fill.

Joe Tiller

Joe Tiller was only the second Purdue football head coach I remember. There was of course Jim Colletto but what I remember his most for is being fired and then being hired as the Notre Dame offensive coordinator. I remember when the Joe Tiller led Boilermakers played the Fighting Irish with Colletto on the sidelines the game was on ABC and a Purdue fan had a sign that just said, Hey Notre Dame, We’ve Got A Better Coach. Get it? ABC.

Joe Tiller, along with Drew Brees, are probably the two names most associated with modern Purdue football. And there’s a good reason for that. Joe Tiller helped rewrite the record books during his time at Purdue. Not just the Purdue record books either. His basketball on grass offense took down Purdue, Big Ten, and NCAA records. His offense revitalized a Purdue program that was dead in the water for much of the recent past. Tiller came in and turned things around almost immediately. During his time at Purdue from 1997-2008 Tiller accomplished the following:

  • Won Purdue’s first Big Ten title in 33 years.
  • Went to Purdue’s first Rose Bowl since 1967.
  • Appeared in 10 bowl games.
  • Amassed an 87-62 overall record.
  • 53 of his players went on to play in the NFL.
  • Coached 6 All-Americans.
  • Compiled a 10-2 record against rival Indiana.

I could try and list all of the records that his teams broke but I’m not sure if there’s enough storage space available on the old Hammer and Rails server.

All of this is to say that Joe Tiller is beloved and he earned it. He earned it by putting in the work and staying loyal to the Boilermakers even when other offers came around. Well today, Purdue football announced that Joe Tiller’s name will forever be etched in Ross-Ade Stadium history with the opening of the brand new tunnel next season. I’ll let new head man Ryan Walters tell you all about it.

Wit construction on track to be finished for the season opener I’m excited to see the new and improved Ross-Ade Stadium with a new Purdue legend being honored. Also, it’s only right that Drew Brees played a major hand in making this happen. Without Drew Brees there is no Joe Tiller and with Joe Tiller there is no Drew Brees, they are hopelessly intertwined. Here’s to you Cowboy. I hope you enjoy the show.