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What Does the Reported Zach Edey NIL Number Mean for Purdue Athletics?

Ryan drops some NIL knowledge on me.

Fairleigh Dickinson v Purdue
I swear this picture will make sense once you listen.
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Ever since the Bob Kravitz story in The Athletic came out discussing Zach Edey’s future I’ve been obsessed with the dollar amount. Just south of a million dollars for Edey from NIL this year. That’s a lot of money. Like, a lot. It’s more than I thought any Purdue athlete would have made so far not because they aren’t worth it, they literally produce a product that makes billions of dollars, but because I just don’t know enough about the market. Plus, we all remember the kerfuffle over Nijel Pack receiving $800K and a car to go to Miami and how Purdue was unable to match/do that.

Does the news of how much money Edey is getting mean he’s more likely to return his senior year? Does that mean that Purdue will be more competitive in the transfer market than we think they can be? Does it show prospective players what Purdue can do? Why is Mason Gillis the cover image of this article? I promise, all will be revealed.

We also jump into a discussion about Spring Football and the transfer portal. What position is a position of need for new head coach Walters? Will there be an exodus and if so is that cause for concern? All this and more on the latest episode of the Boiler Alert podcast.