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Editors Note: A Shift in Focus

We’re going to try out a few new sports over the next month, wish us luck.

Syndication: LafayetteIN Nikos Frazier | Journal & Courier

Hey y’all (excuse me, you guys), thanks for sticking with us after the abrupt change in management during the busiest time of year. Andrew and I appreciate the loyalty. We’re still working out the bugs after jumping directly into the deep end of the pool, but hope, if nothing else, that we’ve provided everyone a space to voice their opinions (that remains free of charge and relatively civil).

Now that we’ve had a moment to breathe, we want to try something a little different for the rest of the spring. Don’t worry, we’ll still have basketball and football stuff, but you’ll see us work in other sports over the next month. When we took over, one thing we wanted to do was expand our coverage to non-revenue sports, but we didn’t have the time. Now we have nothing but time.

I’m here to fully acknowledge that we’re not experts (as if we are experts on football or basketball) at the non-revenue sports. We’re doing our best to learn the rosters, get an understanding for the competition, etc, but consider this the trial run. What we want to do is give y’all (ahem, you guys...I’m trying) a place to talk about stuff. I’m not sure you could justify running non-revenue stuff on a pay site, but we’re not a pay site, and hope to fill what we see as a hole in the market for sports like baseball, softball, tennis, golf, wrestling, track...basically everything not football or basketball.

We’ll be leaning heavily on for information. Some of these articles will be light on analysis and heavy on “what happened”. That’s unavoidable, but I hope when these sports roll around next spring, we’ll be ready to provide a full season worth of coverage and analysis. Until then, I hope you find having a space to discuss non-football/basketball stuff valuable, and if you know someone into a more niche sport at Purdue, please send them our direction.

Ledman just posted a tennis article. I’m kicking off the baseball coverage tomorrow. We’re still stuck with the normal picture bank, which tend to be light on non-revenue sports stuff, so you might see some repeats until we build up a collection (as a note, feel free to reach out if you have some pics we can use of other sports, we can’t pay you, but we can credit you...I know, that’s not a great deal, but it’s what we have to offer). This could be fun, or something no one is interested in that you’ll never see again. I’m hoping for the best.

See everyone in the comments.