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The Boiler Alert Podcast - Yes, We Are Still Talking About Basketball

The return of Ryan!

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Fairleigh Dickinson v Purdue Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Ryan returns to the podcast after a couple weeks off. Hey, it’s the offseason we all need some time off to relax. Today we discuss what I thought was a pretty good piece in The Athletic from the great Dana O’Neil about Matt Painter and how to move forward after Fairleigh Dickinson.

Then, we look ahead at the transfer portal and I continue the conversation that I had all alone last week by asking Ryan why we think big name transfers don’t come to play for Matt Painter. No shade to any of the transfers that Purdue has signed but none of them have been THE hot name in the portal at the time. Matt Painter has done pretty well for himself in the portal, even though he recently said he wished it didn’t exist, but he’s never gotten the high profile guy to come in. Why is that? What are we missing?