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Chase Mahurin - The New Guy

Another new writer? This is getting ridiculous!

When I came to Purdue in 2016 from Terre Haute, I, like many of you, already had a passion for sports. Something about the competitive nature of them always scratched an itch that my computer science classes could never quite satisfy. I had played basketball my entire life, but being 5’9” didn’t do me any favors when it came to college scouts, so I needed a new avenue to channel my competitive instinct.

What other choice did I have but to channel every fiber of my being into Purdue sports? In my heart, I made Purdue’s success my success, and Purdue’s failures my failures. I went to every game and cheered the same blood-curdling cheers my mom cheered for me as a kid for every win, and cried like a baby in the parking garage after the loss to Virginia. I became the superstitious fan who, sitting on my couch, still blames himself for missed free throws because I didn’t “whoop” at the right time (if you know, you know). I spent my time at Purdue as a board member for the Paint Crew doing whatever I could to be as close to Purdue sports as I could, and when I graduated in 2020, I was terrified that the peak of my fandom had come and gone.

But now, thanks to Drew and Jumbo Heroes at Hammer and Rails, I feel as close to the action as ever, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I am looking forward to getting the chance to share my thoughts and (often strong) opinions with my colleagues and readers, as well as find friends who are as passionate and loyal to the Old Gold And Black as I am.

After hearing that introduction, you’re probably asking yourself, “What makes this guy qualified to talk about Purdue sports any more than me?” The truth is, nothing. And hopefully I’m able to reflect that with the way I interact with anyone who might care enough to read the things I come up with. Because at the end of the day, I’m just grateful to have the chance to talk about Purdue sports with anyone who will listen.

Here’s to a long future here, and a whole lot of Purdue wins along the way!