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Big Ten Awards Recap - Plus, Who Wins the Big Ten Tournament?

Do Ryan and I agree on a winner?

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With the announcement of the Big Ten conference awards yesterday and the Big Ten Tournament starting today I had to get back on the mic and go on the record with a prediction. Ryan and I are back with you to talk Big Ten awards and I ask the important question, did Chris Collins deserve to win coach of the year? Was Matt Painter robbed? Why is the benchmark expectations and who sets these expectations?

Then we take a look at the Big Ten tournament and take you game by game through who Ryan and I think will win. Do we go full homer and have Purdue go all the way? There’s only one way to find out. Plus, we talk superstitions regarding clothing on the day of the game. Ryan is planning to wear the same shirt he wore for the last two in person victories for both Friday and (if necessary) Saturday. But, to my shock, he says he will wear a different shirt on Sunday if Purdue makes it. I say this is insane. What say you?