Purdue = the only B10 school with no one in the portal yet

Because Purdue has 11 transfer-eligible players, there will presumably be some portal activity soon. As of now, however, we're the only Big 10 program that remains completely unscathed. As a contrast, look at IU's 2020 and 2021 freshman classes:


#30 Bates - in portal now

#71 Duncomb - in portal now

(Purdue got Furst, TKR, and Waddell.)


#27 Lander - already transferred

#105 Geronimo - in portal now

#155 Leal - not in portal but in his first three years, he has averaged 10 points per season.

#157 Galloway - good player

(Purdue got Ivey, Edey, and Morton.)

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