What are you excited for?

I love Paint, some hate him (the vocal few who show up oh so horny at the end of the year…plus boc who at least participates year round), but ultimately I enjoy life. I cannot relate to those who weep, bitch, moan and throw temper tantrums. Purdue basketball is a huge part of my life, but it’s a hobby, a release, a distraction, and ultimately, entertainment. I have been entertained my entire life, save keady’s last year, painters first, and Ronnie Johnson. Iu can certainly not claim as much, and their constant coaching carousel has yielded them no more in March, and damn near a decade of not being able to enjoy the sport. I don’t know about you, but I am very grateful that I don’t have to go multiple years of not being able to enjoy the average game. That said, the endless commiserating over the disaster in March madness is not why I invest in sports. I invest for excitement and entertainment. To that end:

What are you excited about for next year?

My list:

1) Braden smith with a year of experience. This man’s freshman year reminds me of Carsen’s if he was actually a point guard. Averaging around ten, beautiful quick trigger, very strong for his size. Braden is not the same player, but I believe he will leap and be all big ten next year.

2) Myles Colvin. I think he is a star. I cannot wait to see our best players be guards/wings again. This is assuming edey doesnt come back, although I wouldn’t be shocked and would welcome him back.

3) athleticism. Colvin and Heide are elite athletes. Smith is also very underrated due to size, but he is built and quick. Pair this with newman at the three, and we might finally have the speed and quickness to hang with anyone in that aspect. Yes Ivey was the fastest I have seen, but we are looking at multiple positions of strong/fast athletes (good lord kanon catchings is going to launch that as well)

4) improved 3pt shooting. We had the damn yips this year. But smith, loyer, Gillis, newman could all make consistent and serious leaps. Everyone else can absolute shoot, but those four should be elite.

To be clear. I’m asking what you are excited for next year, not what you were annoyed by last year. Let’s see who can read.

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