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Purdue’s Big Ten Tournament Seed Locked In - Game Time Set

Regardless of the outcome of the season, Purdue is now locked in.

Syndication: Journal-Courier Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Big Ten season has been so strange. Purdue jumped out to a huge lead in conference and it looked like they would run away. Then they hit the skids and it looked like someone was going to be able to catch them or else it would be a close finish in the standings. Then last night happened. With the losses to both Maryland and Northwestern it leaves the Michigan Wolverines as the only team possible that can share the conference crown with, already, champion Purdue.

You might be thinking to yourself then, if a share of the title is still possible how is the Big Ten Tournament seed and game time already locked in? Well my friends, I’m glad you asked. Purdue is now locked into the #1 seed based upon a tiebreaker with the only other possible champion. Purdue and Michigan squared off at Michigan in January with Purdue coming out the victor to the tune of 75-70. That means that Purdue holds the tiebreaker over Michigan should Purdue lose their last two games and Michigan win their final games. Even in that, unlikely in my opinion, scenario, Purdue will still be the number one seed.

The locking in of that seed means that Purdue, and Purdue fans, know when Purdue will play in Chicago on Friday March 10th. With the #1 seed Purdue will be given the advantage of playing in game 1 of the day with an 11:00 AM (CT) tipoff. Don’t forget with the tournament in Chicago all tipoff times are in central time. That could really throw you off if you don’t remember. Purdue will face the winner of the 9 vs. 8 game. No clue yet who that will be because, as noted above, the Big Ten is strange.

So there we have it folks, Purdue locked into the #1 seed in the Big Ten Tournament and the Friday early morning tipoff. Let’s go out tonight, beat Wisconsin, and earn that outright title.