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Purdue vs. Wisconsin - Another Opportunity

Plus, we look at the new Purdue shooting shirts from Nike.

Syndication: Journal-Courier Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

Welcome to episode number one of the Boiler Alert podcast. Yes, it’s still me. Yes, it’s still Ryan. There’s no change to the content of the show. Only that SB Nation has decided to end compensation and financial support for podcasts so we are headed out into the wild world. Rest assured though there’s nothing you need to do to keep getting our lovely voices in your ears. The podcast feed will transfer over fully in the next month all you’ll notice is a new name, new artwork, and new music.

On this latest episode Ryan and I discuss the upcoming game against Wisconsin and how weird it is that Purdue has just two conference games left and they are against two of their single play opponents. Ryan breaks down what we need to know about Wisconsin.

Then, to lighten things up and keep it fun we talk about the sandwich of legend returning to KFC. Will you be grabbing one during March Madness? I just might.

We also talk about that new Purdue NCAA warm-up/shooting shirt. It’s hideous. We hate it.

We hope you’ll stick with us through this transition. We hope you enjoy the new music from More Animal who you can find at his bandcamp site or here with a band of his he collaborates with.