Field of 68 garbage

This morning I viewed a short clip where Dauster, T O and an idiot I can't recall, were actually discussing that possibly,(Dauster), for sure, (the idiot) and we'll see,( TO), because of this loss, Edey would not deserve to be NPOTY.

I can't understand the stupidity of that reasoning. Least of which reason is that Zack still hit his yearlong average, and next, He can't shoot his teammate's threes.

So FO to the idiot, I won't be viewing any further content from you. We'll have to see on the others.

You know the team earned this and for sure, they will "have to sit in it". it is what it is, but Zack, is still far and away the most deserving candidate. I can't recall if anyone positing this nonsense was ever voted NPOTY. Anyone else know?

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