Back in 2009

I remember when we made the sweet sixteen as a 5 seed. Beat Washington. First sweet sixteen since 2000. Then year after beating Texas A&M to go to sweet sixteen. I remember thinking in the next 10 years we’ll be in the final 4 at least once. We beat teams we should have and lost games we shouldn’t have. Lost to UConn (final 4) and duke (national champions). Then VCU happened but they at least made final 4. Now Purdue is losing to teams who get crushed the next round. Little Rock, north Texas, st Peter’s and soon to be FDU. Sure we’re more nationally relevant then around 2010 but it’s almost like you wish for those days again. We’ve been higher seeded recently, won more big ten titles and number 1 ranking multiple times but at the same time been a March madness laughing stock. Isnt it crazy we haven’t accomplished more since the baby boilers. We’ve either matched their success or been upset multiple times. So question is were you prouder of being a Purdue fan back then or now? Another question. Would you want the year we’ve had or recieved a 6-8 seed and lose in first round?

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