Happened to UVA, it will happen with us...

In 2018, Virginia became the first team to lose to a sixteen seed. However, the following year they managed to win a crucial game with a buzzer beater against Purdue, which sent them to the Final Four. With a lot of determination and hard work, they eventually won the championship title. I expect Purdue to follow the same path.

On a separate note, despite the critics and doubters, the detractors of Painter are ignorant. The team's success is a result of the right culture, the right-fit players, and a great coach. This season was a rebuilding year, yet the team still performed well, finishing as the #3 team in the country, being in the AP top 5 for twenty weeks, and earning a #1 seed. This should be seen as a success. To those who think they know better, their opinion is not worth considering. Ever Faithful, Ever True.

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