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2023 March Madness Afternoon Games - Open Thread

We know you’re watching the games, so why not chat here?

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament First Round-West Virginia vs Maryland Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

I hope that there is interest for doing these open threads. I know that Travis did them in the past and I thought you all might like to do this again. I’ll gauge interest in doing these based on the number of comments. We will be doing an afternoon session and an evening session for these games.

There is no Purdue game today of course but with quite the slate on deck it could be an interesting time to discuss possible future Purdue opponents, gambling choices (wins and losses), and just the Madness that is March. These first two days of March Madness truly are some of the best days in the sports world.

I hope you all can find this enjoyable. Please keep it civil in the comments as I know that you will do. You’re the best folks on the internet and I’ll like to keep it that way moving forward.