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Check Out this Custom Cincy @BlitzBoards

That H&R logo looks good.

One of the interesting things about being the co-site manager of Hammer and Rails is that sometimes people reach out with cool things they make and ask if you can feature them on the site. Sometimes I say yes and sometimes I say no. When Nick Moore from Blitz Boards reached out and asked if I knew what a Cincy Blitz Board was I could honestly say I had no idea. He asked if I wanted to try one and he could send it to me I said sure.

I had no idea how intricate or well done the artwork on this thing would be. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Still had no idea what the game was though. Turns out the board comes with rules as well as the game pieces themselves. In essence it’s like the old school game paper football you might’ve played growing up. There’s a board with pegs and you get dice. Roll the dice and try to get it into the endzone for a variety of different points. It also mixes in a bit of cornhole because if you get it in the hole in the endzone you get bonus points. It’s a fun game that allows you to waste some time between tournament games or even before today’s tipoff.

If you’re interested in these you can always reach out to the folks at Cincy Blitz Boards and see what they can do for you. They aren’t a big company with no names or faces. They actually make these in their garage. Pretty cool little enterprise if you ask me.