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Purdue Takes Down Rutgers - Onto Ohio State!

Plus, officiating, the scuffle, was the tech worth it?

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament Quarterfinals - Purdue vs Rutgers Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

With games coming on back to back games you’re getting podcasts on back to back days. This one is a recap of Rutgers and a look ahead at the game against Ohio State. Plus, we talk superstitions and the treatment of media at the United Center.

Ryan and I pushed this one out yesterday because we’ve got a quick turnaround here. There’s still no official word on if Sensabaugh is going to play for Ohio State today but when that news breaks we will try to get word to all of you ASAP.

Regarding superstitions, I’ve currently got 8 pints of ice cream in my freezer, don’t ask, and I really wanted ice cream last night but with 8 possible games left in the season and 8 pints of ice cream remaining it seemed like fate that I couldn’t eat one after yesterday’s game. Am I reading into this too much? Let me know in the comments. Was I right to not eat ice cream and leave it for today?