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Purdue Non-Conference Tracker: 2/9/23

These teams have not budged.

Maryland v Purdue Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

To see the previous update, check here.

No updates in this week’s non-con Quad wins and losses. Purdue won a Q2 game against Penn State and dropped a Q1 game at Indiana.

Q1: Home vs 1-30, Neutral vs 1-50, Away vs 1-75

Q2: Home vs 31-75, Neutral vs 51-100, Away vs 76-135

Q3: Home vs 76-160, Neutral vs 101-200, Away vs 136-240

Q4: Home vs 161+, Neutral vs 201+, Away vs 241+


Since Last Update: W at IUPUI, L vs Green Bay

NET: 194

Quad 4 Win

Austin Peay

Since Last Update: L vs Liberty, L vs Queens

NET: 318

Quad 4 Win


Since Last Update: W vs Villanova, W vs Butler, L at Connecticut

NET: 16

Quad 1 Win

West Virginia (PKL)

Since Last Update: L at TCU, W vs Oklahoma, W vs Iowa State

NET: 19

Quad 1 Win

6 Gonzaga (PKL)

Since Last Update: W vs Santa Clara, L at St. Mary’s

NET: 12

Quad 1 Win

8 Duke (PKL)

Since Last Update: W vs Wake Forest, W vs North Carolina, L at Miami

NET: 29

Quad 1 Win

@Florida State

Since Last Update: L at NC State, W at Louisville, L vs Syracuse

NET: 216

Quad 3 Win


Since Last Update: W vs Townson, W vs Stony Brook, W at Northeastern

NET: 92

Quad 3 Win

Davidson (Indy Classic)

Since Last Update: L vs VCU, W at Massachusetts

NET: 154

Quad 3 Win

New Orleans

Since Last Update: L vs Texas A&M-CC, L vs Incarnate Word

NET: 358

Quad 4 Win

Florida A&M

Since Last Update: W vs Alabama State, W at Texas Southern, L at Prairie View A&M

NET: 359

Quad 4 Win

There you have it: Purdue still currently has 4 Q1, 3 Q3, and 4 Q4 wins against its non-conference slate. Purdue will finish out the regular season with 7 straight Q1/Q2 games (somehow aOSU is still in the top 50) and will look to solidify its spot as the top team in the nation. Below are the final 7 matchups for Purdue:

Opponent Net Quadrant

Iowa 34 Q2

At Northwestern 52 Q1

At Maryland 28 Q1

Ohio State 41 Q2

Indiana 20 Q1

At Wisconsin 72 Q1

Illinois 26 Q1