3 game lead with 7 to go

I know we all have higher hopes for a final four and more, but I for one still really enjoy Big Ten titles. To me, missing out on thr Big Ten title last year was more disappointing than the loss to St Peters. With a 3 game lead and only 7 games left, it would take an epic collapse to lost thr conference. Yet both Kansas and UConn just this year have had just the type of losing streak that it woukd require for Purdue to miss the league title.

So, beyond the obvious deep tourney run we all want, I also really was #25 and 31 or more wins. Purdue has just one 30 win season ever. This season, at this point will be disapointing short of 30, like last year's 29. I would also like to get to 33 or more because I think IU has a school best of if I am not mistaken.

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