2/7/23 Parker Friedrichsen Update

Parker scored a game high 30 points tonight as his team won by 30 plus points. He is now 39 points away from breaking 2,000 points in his career. The only other 6A player in Oklahoma (the largest classification) to do that was Trae Young. Senior night is Friday. Then he has 2 away games next week and then most likely at least 3 playoff games. Oklahoma playoffs are weird. The first round is usually like a 1 vs 16 seed type game like in the NCAA tournament just to knock out all the teams that shouldn't be there anyways. Then, they go to a double elimination for the next round. Then the last 8 teams play a single elimination tournament. Parker's team is hosting the first round against a weaker opponent. So, they should win and then at the very least get at least 2 more games. All that to say, he is only 39 points away and will break the 2,000 point total with ease.

He again played some point tonight. But, I also saw him play what was in my mind the three position as well. I'm honestly not sure in their offense you can really determine the 1, 2, or 3 spots definitively. I think I only saw him commit one turnover on a drive to the basket where he had the ball stripped. He had some nice assists and racked up rebounding numbers as well. He also had at least 2 monstrous dunks tonight and I might be missing one, so he could have had 3.

On a final note, his younger brother Luke had a nice game as well. He was a double digit scorer as well tonight. Not nearly as tall, but has a nice stroke as well. I'm not sure he has the handles that Parker has yet. I'm also not sure that he can create his own shot. But, as a pure pull up shooter, he has range and the stroke.

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