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Purdue Swimmer To Represent Big 10 At Leadership Conference

The Big 10 selected Purdue sophomore Idris Muhammad to serve as the men’s sports representative for the 2023 NCAA Student Athlete Leadership Forum.

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Purdue announced yesterday that Idris Muhammad, the sophomore swimmer from Atlanta, Georgia, will represent the Big 10 at the NCAA Leadership Forum. The event will be held between April 13th and 16th in Baltimore, Maryland. The Leadership Forum began in 1997 and has hosted over 5,000 Division I, Division II, and Division III student athletes over 25 years.

Muhammad, a mechanical engineering major, has made a splash early on in his career in the Purdue Pool, already having made his way into the top ten in school history, specializing in backstroke and freestyle.

As per the university’s official release, Muhammad expressed interest in being selected by saying “Swimming is often viewed as a very individual sport, but if you look at the NCAA’s top swim teams, you will see the copious amounts of camaraderie, respect and team chemistry they have – all playing a large role in their success...often times, teams are led by an intuitive leader that is all-in and knows how to instill the core values into teammates to help foster success on all levels. I hope to be able to diversify my knowledge and aid our team’s current leaders, because all great leaders have a strong supporting team behind them.”

Muhammad moved into fourth place in Purdue history with a career-best time of 19.50 in the 50-yard freestyle at the Purdue Invitational this past November. As a key contributor in his first two seasons, he’s posted top-five times in team history in the 200 and 400 free relays as well as the 200 medley relay.

The Druid Hills High School and Dynamo Swim Club alum stated “I can bring back some valuable lessons on leadership, building relationships and building connections that can help both in and out of the pool. I hope to gain a diverse perspective on leadership and teamwork, which I plan to use if I have a leadership position on the team in the future.”