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After a Loss to IU, What Now?

Is Purdue still in the driver’s seat?

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

With two games against IU this weekend, and two losses, difficult questions must be asked about both basketball teams...right? Well sort of right. Things are still looking great for the men as Ryan and I both expect Purdue to remain #1 when the rankings come out at noon today. For the women things are trending in the right direction but that third quarter...woof.

Ryan and I talk about where both teams go from here and we look ahead to the rest of Purdue’s schedule.

We of course cover both IU games and we really get into it with the men’s game including a talk about the IU fans as well as a certain sect of Purdue fans. Plus, for some reason my wife’s grandmother comes up.

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