IU fans proved they do not belong with Purdue

Is there any other reason to storm the court today? It is a regular season game and means nothing in the great scene of life and college basketball.

In fact, Purdue will most likely still be ranked #1 on Monday after losing to IU in a game IU won, but was not dominant in the end! Purdue lost it in the first half, and continued TOs and missed FTs in the 2nd half, halted the comeback from 16 down to only 1.

IU played better and deserve the W. Act like a class act in this rivalry and stop throwing stuff on the floor. Why no T for the 2nd warning is a joke!

The decision to storm the court didn’t sit well with ESPN host Rece Davis, though. He called out the Hoosiers faithful during the pregame show for Duke Vs. NC, which followed Indiana-Purdue.

In 1979 I saw Purdue beat Earvin Johnson and Jud's #1 ranked MSU team. No court storming because beating them was expected!

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