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What Do We Make of This 1-1 Week?

Does the Ohio State win take the Maryland loss out of our memories?

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With Purdue going 1-1 this week it’s a strange feeling. Was this a good week? A bad week? An expected week? I just don’t know. Ryan and I are back with you to talk about both games. Just a note that the audio will sound a bit different here as I am currently on vacation in Florida without my microphone and Ryan is completing a move so isn’t fully unpacked. We should be back to full strength with you on Wednesday’s recording.

We also discuss Purdue taking on the Ohio State press, Matt Painter going after the officials, and more bad officiating. All we want is consistency folks. Also, while recording I had the pleasure of letting Ryan know that we had reached Francon 1 during the Iowa Northwestern game.

There are just three games left in the regular season and Purdue sits atop the Big Ten. We will talk about the remaining schedule on our next episode since Purdue doesn’t play again until Saturday against IU.

One final note, the podcast will soon be changing names as our overlords as SB Nation have seen it fit to end their support of podcasts. If you’re a subscriber you won’t need to subscribe to a new feed, you’ll just notice that the name will change in March. Please stick with us through the transition as we move forward with a new podcast group. If you’ve got any really great names please let us know in the comments.