Parker Friedrichsen

Just noticed that he decommitted from Notre Dame this past weekend.

always thought there was mutual interest and a good fit at Purdue but now we may just be too loaded at his position for it to make sense. With our battle for minutes in 2023 it would almost have to be a red shirt situation. And then you see him coming in to play in 2024 with Loyer and Smith as juniors, Colvin as a sophomore, and Benter as a fellow freshman and potentially Perry at the point. The three might have Heide, Waddell and Catchings although with physical growth these guys could play the four.

Any way you look at it - Parker would be a great fit if he would buy into the Purdue play your role system and bank on stronger opportunity as a junior or senior.

either way - good kid and I hope he finds his happily place

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