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Purdue Receives #1 Seed in NCAA Bracket First Look

CBS released the current top 16 this afternoon.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

CBS held their now annual early bracket reveal which shows what the Top 16 would look like were Selection Sunday today. It gives early insight into the minds of the committee and what they value and how your team stacks up. Purdue fans thought they had nothing to worry about and would for sure be a #1 seed. And then February happened where Purdue has lost 3 of their last 4 including their most recent loss on the road at Maryland earlier this week. Now, there was a bit of tension as the seeding was revealed.

But there was nothing to truly be worried about as Purdue found themselves as one of the top four seeds. This bracket, which again, is not final, has Purdue in the East region which would play the Sweet 16 in New York. Not exactly the home court advantage Purdue fans had hoped for.

As the rest of the bracket was revealed there were some familiar names in the Top 16. Purdue opponents IU, Gonzaga, and Marquette all found themselves in the Top 16. These matchups are all irrelevant at this point but it’s still fun to take a look. So, here’s the Top 16 broken down by region.

If I’m Purdue this region would scare me a bit as we’ve seen in person how tough Marquette is, and UCLA and Iowa State are both incredibly talented teams. But then, I guess this Top 16 should be all talented teams. I’m just happy to see Kansas State not in Purdue’s region. With just a few weeks left until Selection Sunday Purdue has work to do to stay in the top 4. Plenty of opportunities remain.